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Snow Goose

Anser (Chen) caerulescens

Geese Family

Waterfowl Identification

Snow Goose

Similar Waterfowl:
Blue Goose
The snow goose has a bright white plumage. Their wing tips are gray and black. Sometimes the head and breast will appear rusty and the pink bill is black edged. The snow goose has pink or dull red feet.
Typical Size:
The male and female average 29 inches in length and weigh 6 pounds. They have a wingspan of 59 inches.
The snow goose prefer the habitat of agricultural fields within a couple miles of a river or wetland area.
Snow geese breed principally around Foxe Basin, northern Baffin, Bylot, Axel Heiberg, and Ellesmere Islands located in Nunavut, Canada, and in Greenland. They prefer to nest in colonies on well-drained westward slopes or vegetated hilltops and females lay an average of 4 eggs.
Snow geese are grubbers feeding on root, rhizomes and shoots of bulrushes and salt marsh cordgrass. They also make extensive use of agricultural fields found adjacent to wintering areas.
Snow geese leave their arctic breeding grounds and migrate along a narrow corridor through eastern Canada and the northeastern U.S. to the mid-Atlantic coast.
Flyway Patterns:
The Snow goose is common to the Atlantic flyway but is also found throughout the Mississippi flyway.
Flight Formation:
High flying flocks in "V's" or irregular lines. Wing beats are deep and powerful. Flight speeds can reach 70 MPH.
Both males and females have a nasal WE-HONK WE-HONK.